7 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome offers extensions to customize your browser and add various features. Today, we focus on the best Google Chrome extensions to manage your SEO. Here are the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO. Free, paid extensions, for individuals as well as for professionals, you will find your happiness among our selection. Each extension has its use, according to your needs you will find the right one for you.

Wappalyzer is a cross-platform tool. It allows you to detect the different technologies used by a website (for example, the use of Google Analytics campaigns, the presence of a Google Maps, the presence of a Facebook widget, etc.). This tool is our favorite tool since it allows us to know a website before they get ready to work on it.

Majestic SEO is the big winner when it comes to identifying the amount of backlinks. This tool is intended to help you in the analysis of your netlinking, because we know it is not the simplest part of SEO. This service offers you a lot of information about your backlinks. It offers the possibility to identify the number of links on the page that redirect to your site.

This extension is one of the most complete Google Chrome extensions for SEO. Indeed, our team use this extension very often because of the different options it offers. Although it’s not designed to be an SEO extension, wep developer offers several interesting features. For example, you can check HTTP headers, view all Alt tags on a web page, check all Hn tags on the page, etc. This extension is recommended by our SEO experts who use it regularly.

This extension – proposed by Google – allows you to launch a performance audit of a website and then to easily identify areas for improvement. For example – the optimization of your images. Recently, a new section called “SEO Audit” allows you to check the 10 most basic elements for SEO (presence of title tags, meta description, etc.).

This extension is made for you if you want to view search results locally for a website that uses multiple languages. Indeed, the queries will be sorted according to the country and language used. All you have to do is enter the search to be done and the country or language you want to test and you’re done. Be careful, you will not be able to simulate your local search based on a city. Our team advise you to use this extension for personal use.

Scraper allows you to “scrape”, in other words to copy the data from a web page. Indeed, it will allow you to export search results that go back to a particular Google query. This tool then allows you to retrieve information in bulk. Be careful, however, you must be careful about the legal issues that may arise from this tool.

This tool allows you to track the different redirections of a website or page. If you click on one of the results obtained, you can also obtain the different HTTP headers of each URL, canonical tags, etc. More simply, this tool is perfect if you want to perform a quick and light analysis of a website.