One Goal: Make Your Website Visible on the Internet

Moustaki‘s primary objective is to make your company visible on the web in order to increase your turnover and your online authority. In this perspective, different strategies can be applied and combined!

3 Key Elements Of A Successful SEO Strategy

The purpose of SEO is not only to ensure that search engines find your website, but also to evaluate the level of relevance of the content of its pages in order to list it on the first page of search results (SERP). It’s very important that you understand Google’s official […]

3 Best CMS Platforms to Start a Website in 2019

Starting a website has become easier than ever in 2019. You can choose between different CMS platforms and several of them will allow you to create almost any type of website. However, choosing the Content Management System to use has never been so difficult due to the huge number of […]

7 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome offers extensions to customize your browser and add various features. Today, we focus on the best Google Chrome extensions to manage your SEO. Here are the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO. Free, paid extensions, for individuals as well as for professionals, you will find your happiness among […]

7 Features That Make SEMrush an Incredible SEO Tool

Whether you run a small niche blog or a large corporate website, a high ranking in search results is the ultimate goal for everyone. For this reason, SEMrush resonates with the SEO needs of each site owner, regardless of the size or niche of the website. SEMrush is an excellent […]