3 Best CMS Platforms to Start a Website in 2019

Starting a website has become easier than ever in 2019. You can choose between different CMS platforms and several of them will allow you to create almost any type of website. However, choosing the Content Management System to use has never been so difficult due to the huge number of options available.

In this article, we will help you make this choice. We will provide you with details the 3 best CMS platforms to Start your Website.


We’re willing to bet that you have already heard about WordPress. This CMS platform has the largest market share among its competitors and it’s easy to understand why. Although WordPress was designed as a platform for blogs, it has grown far beyond that. The platform is easy to use and you can customize it with the content of your preference using plugins and themes.

When it comes to content management, WordPress also offers you an exceptional experience. Publishing new posts is easy and you have access to a powerful editor that allows you to format your content. Moreover, the platform also supports user registration, gets regular updates and has a large community that is useful.

Best features

  • Contains intuitive publishing and content management options.
  • Provides a powerful editor that allows you to easily format your content.
  • Highly customizable with thousands of plugins and themes.
  • They have a strong and dynamic community.


When people debate about the best CMS, Joomla! is one of the CMS that comes up most often with WordPress. Although Joomla may not be as user-friendly as WordPress, it may be more flexible for some.

In addition, Joomla also includes multilingual support. This means that you don’t need to use plugins or extensions to add other languages to your site. Finally, Joomla also allows you to use several templates or themes at the same time for several types of content.

Best features

  • Provides excellent support for custom publication types.
  • Provides advanced user management options.
  • Includes multilingual support.
  • Can apply unique templates for each page.


ImpressPages is a little known CMS. However, it provides one of the best blog experiences you have seen so far. Its editor is clean and has a modern interface. In addition, unlike other CMS, it allows you to add several elements – at least without extensions – such as cards and forms. Its dashboard looks modern, easy to use and offers many options to customize your pages and the functionalities of your site.

It also includes an intuitive drag and drop generator, which makes it easy to create the pages you need. In addition to this, you can customize the CMS using plugins and themes.

Best features

  • Easy to use modern interface.
  • It includes a powerful editor with advanced features.
  • Allows you to easily create content using a page generator by drag and drop.
  • It gives access to a decent selection of plugins and themes.