7 Features That Make SEMrush an Incredible SEO Tool

Whether you run a small niche blog or a large corporate website, a high ranking in search results is the ultimate goal for everyone. For this reason, SEMrush resonates with the SEO needs of each site owner, regardless of the size or niche of the website. SEMrush is an excellent SEO tool as it combines all the necessary features to create a solid SEO strategy. You will find that SEMrush is very clever at generating content ideas and improving your brand’s online presence. Here are some of the best features you will find very useful in SEMrush :

Complete SEO website audit

SEMrush allows you to quickly and accurately perform an SEO audit of your website and easily find where improvements are needed.

Competitive analysis

You can quickly identify your competitors and have a thorough analysis of their strength and use this data to compete fiercely with them.

Advanced Keyword Search

Unlike other keyword search tools, the SEMrush keyword search tool is very comprehensive.
You can not only search for basic keywords, but also discover the keywords for which your competitors are ranked and their strength.
You can also use the Related Keywords function to find new keywords in your niche that you can’t even imagine.

Organic search strategies

With SEMrush, you can generate a detailed organic search report based on a sentence or keyword domain.

This organic research has all the necessary parameters to develop a strategic search engine marketing plan.

Link Building

Getting backlinks has never been easier than when you use SEMrush because you can see all of your competitors’ backlinks. Instead of guessing your competitor’s strength, you get the valuable backlink data and act accordingly.

This backlink profile data not only saves you time. But also guarantees your success.

CPC Campaign Analysis

CPC advertising can be very frustrating – especially when you don’t target the right keywords – The results can be poor and you can waste thousands of euros with little success.

SEMrush allows you to take a look at the keywords in your competitors’ campaign ads and use this data to your advantage.

Social Network Analysis

Social networks can be a goldmine, and you can increase your traffic from social sites when you use SEMrush to measure your social network reach and compare it with your competitors.