"Marketing is really just about sharing your passion"

I really like this quote from Michael Hyatt about marketing, and I think it describes well what motivated me to start the Moustaki blog.

All bloggers will tell you, you have to be a little crazy to embark on such an adventure! Or at least passionate enough to rack their brains every week – or even every day – to propose quality content and come up with new ideas.

Why a Blog?

Having worked in an SEO agency and as a freelancer for several years, the desire to share my experiences, my yelling and my advice has always remained in a corner of my head. And it was in December 2018 that I decided to take the plunge, wondering how I would manage a blog in parallel with my work! The beginnings were difficult between the Blog’s technical implementation.


In terms of content, I prefer informative posts with tips & tricks,¬†useful tools’ reviews, tops and tutorials. The themes covered are as follows:

  • Search Engine
  • Optimization tools
  • SEO Extensions
  • Management Tools
  • Web Design tools